We welcome visitors at El Diablo Combatives. We don't have the benefit of living in an urban jiu jitsu hot-spot, so we're always searching for new training partners to learn and share with. We do not charge mat fees, we just ask that you show up at least ten minutes early to introduce yourself, get a run-down on our procedures, and sign our waiver.

What to Expect When Visiting

Before attending, familiarize yourself with our rules and procedures. We have loaner gis if you dodn't bring your own. Our classes are typical of most jiu jitsu schools. Before class begins, the instructor will pair you up with a host who will answer any questions you may have and serve as your training partner during the instruction and drilling section of the class.


We start by lining up to bow in. Line up based on your current rank; we do not make visitors go to the end of the line. After bowing in, we begin our individual, self-directed warm-ups for 10 minutes. Why self-directed? First, and most importantly, you know yourself best. As such, you know what you need to do to get ready for action. If you need help, we'll be more than happy to recommend a good warm-up routine. 

After warm-ups, we sometimes do a light flow roll for 5-6 minutes, do some drilling, or play a live rolling game. 

Typically, the next section of class is the "learning" part of class. This pat of class varies greatly depending on who is in class, where we are in our curriculum, and what new instructional methods our instructors may be experimenting with at the time. 

Finally, we usually end with several rounds of live rolling starting from a variety of positions. Rounds may vary from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes or more (we like pushing the time limits.)

At the end of class, we line up, bow out, and go through a handshake line (bro handshake and hug.)


Coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to Stephen Kesting for this list of question!


  • How hard you can go in sparring before it is considered 'rude'?

    • We like to get after it. Generally, we'll start pretty light, but we're okay with hard rolls assuming you know what you're doing.

  • How do you address the instructor (first name, 'Sir', 'Professor', 'Mr.', etc.)

    • First names are fine. Or "Coach."

  • Are questions during class encouraged or discouraged?

    • Of course! We highly encourage questions.

  • Which leglocks are legal and which aren't?

    • Generally, just avoid heel hooking white belts. Other foot locks are fine as long as, like all submissions in training, you don't crank them hard.

  • How much pressure you can put on someone's face or neck area?

    • Lower belts- use discretion. Higher belts- knock yourself out. We like playing a heavy pressure game.

  • Is it is all right to chat to your partner during training?

    • Yes, we're a chatty gym. Just don't talk while the instructor is talking.

  • Are neck cranks allowed in sparring?

    • Lower belts- use discretion. Higher belts- we can take it.

  • Do you pick your own sparring partners or does the instructor tell you who to go with?

    • In most cases, we do the pairing in regular classes. We do this to assure our newer, less controlled members aren't paired up with members who may have an injury history.

  • Can you take off your gi top in the training area?

    • Yes. We're not bashful.

  • Is it OK to wear a gi with patches from another school?

    • Yes. We don't care what patches you have on your gi. Just make sure it's clean.

  • What are the ways that you can participate in class if you're injured or particularly tired?

    • Just tell the instructor you don't want to roll. We won't hold it against you.

  • Is it OK to curse or use profane language?

    • Yes, within reason. Just follow the lead of the regular members.

  • What do you do if your gi gets all disheveled (i.e. do you fix it there or go off to the side of the training area)?

    • As long as you're not getting in someone's way, just fix your gi wherever you're at.

  • What is the protocol if you arrive late for class?

    • Just jump in. Maybe acknowledge the instructor so they can fill you in for whatever you missed.

  • Does class starts on time or is it always half an hour late?

    • We usually start classes within five minutes of the posted start time.

  • Is it OK to train no-gi during class or is that done at a different time (if at all)?

    • No gi is done at a different time. However, we usually don't mind if students take the gi off if they want to get in a few no gi rounds at he end of class.

Places to Stay

Montrose has approximately 44 hotels, motels, or resorts that offer lodging. Prices vary greatly depending on the season, but generally range from about $50 up to $300+. is my preferred booking site. We also have a wealth of camping options

Places to Eat

Montrose has a good deal of variety for a small town. Trip Advisor has a useful list. Our personal preferences are as follows:

Breakfast: Starvin' Arvin's, The Coffee Trader

Lunch: Colorado Boy, Horsefly Brewery

Dinner: Camp Robber, El Jimador

Drinks: Storm King, R&R Sports Bar

Points of Interest in the Area

Montrose is juxtaposed in the middle of some amazing natural wonders. When you're in the area, these are a few of the interesting activities you can do (besides training at El Diablo Combatives, of course!)

City of Montrose Visitor's Guide

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Montrose Rec Center

Montrose Farmer's Market

Flat Top Recreation Area - This is where we do most of our conditioning

Montrose Water Sports Park

Town of Telluride - Very good skiing

Ouray Hot Springs

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