Allows students to take ALL classes.

  • Full Membership: $120/ month on AUTOPAY, $140/ month CASH, $720/ 6 months CASH​​

  • Student Full Membership (Ages 12 and up*, full-time student): $70/ month AUTOPAY, $90/ month CASH, $420/ 6 months CASH


Allows students to take ONE of the following: Boxing, Group Fitness, or Tai Chi.

  • Specials Membership: $50/ Month AUTOPAY/ $70/ month CASH, $300/ 6 months CASH

    • Allows you to attend only ONE of the following types of classes: Boxing, Group Fitness, or Tai Chi; must register with recurring auto-debit


For all immediate family members.

  • Family Rate Full Membership: $250/ month AUTOPAY; $270/ Month CASH​, $1,500/ 6 months CASH

  • Family Rate Specials Membership: $150/ month AUTOPAY, $170/ Month CASH, $900/ 6 Months CASH


Discounts are available for Montrose High School Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club Members and public service employees

* We may accept younger kids if they have the maturity to take training seriously

Payments pre-pay for the following month. If you do not pay, you cannot attend classes.


If you need to temporarily take more than one month off, we can pause your membership for up to one year. 


We do not utilize contracts, but we do require 30 days' written notice of all cancellations which must be submitted via email to Note: The above pricing is based on recurring auto debit payments. All members must sign up for an auto debit via credit card, debit card, or ACH to get the discounted AUTOPAY rate. There is a $50 charge for all returned monthly charges. All fees are up to date but are subject to change without notice. Check site regularly for change in rates.


Our rates will generally fluctuate yearly based on the Cost of Living Adjustment as determined by the Social Security Administration here in the United States. Typically, this is in the ballpark of 3% annually. This adjustment usually occurs between January and February of every year.