• Jason

Is El Diablo Combatives for You?

Do you like to march to the beat of a different drum? Do you like to laugh? Do you enjoy sarcasm and dark humor? Do you have sadomasochistic tendencies? Do you love deep conversations about the mysteries of the universe? Are you a serial hobbyist? Do you think political correctness is dumb? Do you like science? Do you have an aversion for emotional drama? Do you have a strong desire to make significant, observable physical, psychological, and social improvements to your life, including your interpersonal relationships? Are you old enough to vote? Are you open-minded? Do you enjoy rolling around on the ground while simulating breaking limbs and committing murder (and maybe occasionally punching each other in the face) with other adults while wearing sweaty pajamas with the Top Gun soundtrack blaring in the background, then meet up for Mexican food and beers afterward?

Then El Diablo Combatives might be the place for you!

When Shelly and I decided to open a jiu jitsu business, it was really done for selfish motives. Since about 2011 (the year we left our safe, "secure" high school teaching jobs to travel the country in a 300 square foot RV with our three small kids), we've learned a valuable life lesson - the absolute worst life strategy is to mindlessly follow what everyone else is doing. Everyone around us was trapped in a "spend all your time working a job you hate to buy shit you don't need" mindset. We realized that life was killing us. So we did something different.

We realized it was far better to blaze your own path. Not only does it result in far more fulfilling outcomes, but it's a hell of a lot more fun, too.

Since that summer of 2011 when we hit the road, we've basically been experimenting with lifestyles... the details of which will probably pop up in other blog posts. The relevant point - we were basically figuring out what we wanted to be when we grow up, and what kind of life we wanted to create.

Moving to Colorado's Western Slope was part of that plan. So was opening our own jiu jitsu school. But, like anything else we do, we scrapped the plan every other jiu jitsu school seemed to follow in favor of what we knew worked for us. We would follow a set of principles and values that we follow in our personal lives, like being open to innovation, being accepting of different perspectives, working hard while also embracing laziness (for recovery... yeah... recovery), we like being a bit cerebral yet we still like punching each other on occasion, and doing whatever is necessary to foster the best teaching and learning environment we could create.

Is the school we've created right for you?

Well, if you spend some time with Shelly and I, you'll probably figure it out pretty quickly. We resonate with particular personality types. We also annoy the hell out of other personality types. If you find you're in the former category, you'll probably love our school. In the latter category? You'll be happier elsewhere.

Luckily, we make it really easy to figure out! Our jiu jitsu-focused Introduction to Combat Sports class is specifically designed to acclimate you to the basics of what we do in order to prepare you to attend our regular classes. The Intro Class also serves for us to get to know each other so both parties can make an informed decision - are these sports for you, and is EDC the best place for you to learn? If not, we can help you find that perfect fit.

Stop by our school in Montrose or drop us a line at eldiablobjj@gmail.com.

~ Jason