Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

As our flagship program, we take pride in our jiu jitsu program. Our instructors have approximately 40 years of combined experience at gyms all over the world, and take a collaborative, student-centered approach to teaching. Because three of our instructors are professional educators, HOW we teach is as important as WHAT we teach. Jiu jitsu is an art with incredible depth and breadth, to the point where it's impossible to learn everything there is to learn in the sport. But we try. Our goal is to discover and experiment with all kinds of styles, concepts, and techniques, then use innovative methods from the fields of psychology and education to teach our students in the most efficient, effective way possible.

Our program consists of mostly adults, though a few of our instructors' and students' children train with us occasionally. We do not have a formal kids class at this time due to COVID concerns.


Our self-defense class is reality-based and founded on principles of criminal psychology, how to identify and avoid bad people and situations, and how to physically defend yourself. We strongly believe most self-defense classes are utter bullshit and, because they instill a false sense of confidence, cause people to place themselves in bad situations. In the class, we teach concepts such as situational awareness, how muggers, home invaders, rapists, and murderers choose their victims and how to avoid becoming a victim, the legal aspects of self-defense, the realities of violence, the importance of body language, verbal and behavioral de-escalation, how to avoid acquaintance rape, and so on.

The class is an eclectic combination of discussions, high-intensity strength and conditioning, and learning and practicing physical skills. The skills we teach are based on jiu jitsu, muay Thai, boxing, and wrestling, and occasionally include using knives and firearms for defensive purposes. Our goal, quite simply, is to create bassass women in a high-energy, fun environment. This class isn't for the faint of heart or, due to the frank nature of our discussions, for those who are easily offended.

Introduction to Mixed Martial Arts

Our Intro to MMA program is intended for the MMA-curious to get their feet wet in the sport. The class is divided into two sections - striking and ground fighting. In the striking class, we cover the basics of boxing, kickboxing, and muay-Thai-based striking. In the ground fighting section, we cover working from the clinch, working against the cage, takedowns and takedown defense, and of course, ground fighting. While this class is recreational in nature, it can serve as a basic first step for people who may be interested in eventually trying amateur or professional MMA.

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