Membership Process


We have a unique culture and business model at El Diablo Combatives. We focus on the experiences of our students above all else, because we've found that's the absolute best way to help our students become lifelong jiu jitsu practitioners (and reach their goals.) Because of this, we're selective on who we accept as members. We do not use the standard martial arts school model of casting a wide net, then weeding people out who "can't cut it." To this end, we use a process for accepting new students.


This process serves two purposes. First, it assures our new members are a good fit for the culture we curate here at El Diablo Combatives. We take our training very seriously, but we do not take ourselves very seriously. We like to have fun and play while still working hard, which means we don't tolerate hyper-competitive meatheads, toxic personalities, whiners, complainers, or people who aren't willing to work hard as part of an open-minded, collaborative  learning community. We do not tolerate fragile egos, gossips, or drama queens. We're also not especially politically-correct. Our membership process assures our new members are a good fit personality-wise. If not, we're more than happy to recommend one of our other excellent schools in our area that may be a better fit.

Second, our membership process helps acclimate new, inexperienced students to martial arts in general and jiu jitsu in particular. Our arts involve close physical contact, rules, procedures and etiquette intended to keep all of us safe, and specific terminology. We've found new people are often overwhelmed and sometimes intimidated if they just get thrown into the fire. This causes people to quit prematurely. Our membership process solves this problem by allowing new students to ease into training at their own pace.

The Process

Step one - Contact the school via email ( or stop by during our business hours (find our schedule here.) During this conversation, we'll ask you about your past training experiences, injury history, why you're interested in training, and any other relevant information. We'll then schedule a time for you to attend our free, no-obligation Introduction Class, which is a four week course designed to teach the absolute basics needed to feel completely comfortable attending our regular classes. Even if you have experience, we'll likely want to meet for at least one Intro Class to give you the "lay of the land" at our school.

Step Two - Attend the Introduction Class. If you need gear, please show up ten minutes early. We do have some gear and clothing we can loan out in the beginning so you won't have to commit to buying your own until you're sure you're going to continue. During this class, we'll introduce you to the basic rules, procedures, and etiquette of the school. Depending on where we are in the four week curriculum cycle, we'll go over some terminology, positions, goals, etc. Depending on your previous experience, we'll either recommend you for more Intro Classes OR, if we think you'll be a good fit, give you clearance to join as a regular member and begin attending our regular classes. 

Step Three - Continue attending Introduction Classes. If you're brand new to martial arts and/or jiu jitsu, you're free to attend the Intro Classes as long as you would like. Yes, you could stay in the Intro Class for a year and it won't cost you a dime. During this period, you'll continue to learn the very basic elements of the arts we teach. When we believe you're ready and if we think you'll be a good fit at our school, we'll give you clearance to join as a regular member and begin taking our regular classes. If we don't think you're a good fit for our school, we'll do our best to help you choose another school in the area