Jason Robillard's Bio

Jason is the co-owner, president, director of curriculum, and creative director of El Diablo Combatives. Jason also teaches our adult jiu jitsu class, our introduction class, and our combatives class. 

Jason is currently a brown belt under fifth degree black belt and former mma world champion Charlie Kohler (San Diego Fight Club, lineage Maeda > Carlos Sr. > Carlos Jr. > Nelson Monteiro > Charlie Kohler > Jason.) Jason has been doing jiu jitsu since 2012 and has been teaching jiu jitsu since 2015. Jason has also dabbled in mixed martial arts, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and judo.

Prior to discovering the combat arts, Jason was a barefoot trail runner focusing on ultramarathons in the mountains. Jason has finished multiple 100 mile races (including the prestigious Western States Endurance Run) and many shorter races, has participated in the six day TransRockies stage race, and the 72 hour Across the Years race. Jason, his wife Shelly, and their three kids spent two years traveling the country in an RV coaching runners and teaching barefoot running workshops partnered with the outdoor company Merrell. 

Jason grew up in a small Northern Michigan town where he played baseball, football, and wrestled. After high school, Jason attended a few colleges and universities and earned way too many credits. Jason has an Associate's degree in business, a Bachelor's degree in experimental social psychology, history, and social studies, and a Master's degree in educational technology.


Jason is a high school psychology and history teacher by trade and has worked as a full-time teacher in Michigan and Colorado, a substitute teacher and a school security guard in California. Jason started teaching in 1999. Jason also coached football, wrestling, and bowling. 

Jason has also held a variety of jobs including author, blogger, freelance writer, real estate agent, cook, minor league baseball park concession salesperson, grocery bagger, bike shop manager, lumber handler for a lumber yard, and a UPS delivery person. 

Jason maintains multiple blogs on running, jiu jitsu, teaching, travel, and sex and gender. Jason has published two books about barefoot running and ultramarathons, and has self-published multiple others.