Innovation Seminar

Our Innovation Seminar is a natural outgrowth of our focus on learning and designing engaging experiences for our students. The concept behind the class is simple - if any of our students has an idea, subject, hobby, or anything else they would like to share, they can sign up on our schedule and share their interest with the rest of our students. Because we will announce the topics weeks ahead of time, interested students will have ample opportunity to make arrangements to attend.

El Diablo Combatives a collective learning community. While martial arts is our primary focus, we realize we attract curious people. And curious people like learning new, interesting stuff. All of us have something interesting we can teach others. Our Innovation Seminar is our solution to sharing this kind of knowledge.

Here are a few samples of the kinds of subjects we'll tackle in the  Innovation Seminar:

  • Advanced jiu jitsu techniques

  • MMA fight strategy

  • Elements of situational awareness

  • Using imagery and hypnosis in combat sports

  • Basic conditioning exercises

  • Introduction to firearms

  • Sharpening knives

  • Primitive fire-starting methods

  • Clean a drain trap

  • Make killer guacamole

  • Play poker

  • How to sew a button or mend a hole

  • Run with fewer injuries

  • Build an emergency shelter

  • How to properly grill a steak

  • Navigate with a compass and topo map

  • Filet a fish

  • How to grow a garden

  • Make homemade wine and beer

  • How to operate a table saw

  • Installing a light fixture

  • The basics of negotiating

  • Use coupons effectively

  • Troubleshoot a computer

  • Identify animal tracks

  • Purify water

  • Predict weather in nature

  • Rappel down a cliff

In the event we don't have a topic selected, our Innovation Seminar period will default to a Q&A session for jiu jitsu. All students are welcome to attend and ask questions about any aspect of the art, which will be answered by our instructors.