Class Descriptions

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Gentle Art. This is our signature program. We follow a two year rotating curriculum that covers all aspects of the sport, including takedowns. Our philosophy balances real-world self-defense (i.e. - "old school" jiu jitsu) with the innovation and creativity of modern sport jiu jitsu. This class requires a blue or white gi in good condition. Purple belts or higher may wear black gis. We do not require school-specific gis.

Research and Development

Our invitation-only class for testing and developing creative new ideas for jiu jitsu and combatives, which are then used to continually improve and evolve our curriculum. This class allows our blue belts and higher to share and learn in an environment specifically set up to foster creativeness and sharing. Read more about the Research and Development Class here


Our combatives program is a combination of no gi jiu jitsu and mma. The focus of this class includes self-defense, the fundamentals of no gi, and an introduction to the ground, clinch, and cage work aspects of mixed martial arts. This class requires grappling shorts without pockets, a shirt, and if we're striking, mma gloves and a mouth guard. A cup is recommended.

Innovation Seminar

This is our class designed to allow students to share their interests and expertise in jiu jitsu, combatives, or any other subject that interests the rest of the school. This includes various other martial arts, sport psychology, mediation, breathing, and other such topics. Read more about our I.C.E. Class here.


Our boxing program is our primary striking art we use to compliment our ground game, but we also train amateur and professional boxers. We occasionally include muay thai kickboxing into our striking classes. This class requires gloves and a mouth guard. Hand wraps and a cup are recommended.

Yoga for Combat Sports

Our yoga class is intended to supplement our combat sports programs by providing flexibility and recovery. The class utilized many physical movements aspects of a typical yoga class, but without the Hindi and other Eastern traditions.

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