About Our School

We're a private martial arts club located in Montrose, Colorado​ in the shadows of the picturesque San Juan Mountains. We have an easy-going, laid-back culture where members from diverse backgrounds are welcomed with open arms. Our students train for a wide variety of reasons, including camaraderie, socializing and friendship, fitness and weight loss, self-defense, competition, or just plain 'ole fun. 


We offer regular classes in Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, self-defense, and mixed martial arts. Because we're open to all martial arts knowledge, we also offer occasional seminars in a wide range of martial arts, including wrestling, muay Thai, judo, krav maga, taekwondo, tai chi, kali, and firearms-based self-defense. We also offer occasional group fitness classes, weight training, conditioning, yoga, sport psychology, and trail running workshops. We have a lot of varied interests. Finally, we also offer a men's group, which helps men navigate the process of self-improvement. 

Our Philosophy

We take an open-minded approach to martial arts, which is reflected in our intense focus on teaching, learning, and collaboration. We have a relentless drive to become the best version of ourselves, which requires us to humbly seek out any and all knowledge. We recognize every martial art has inherent strengths and weaknesses, and continually seek out new styles to inspire us. 

We also believe in practical testing of our knowledge, usually via full-contact, full-speed sparring. We do not teach that which does not work, and we routinely test new styles, ideas, and concepts in our "Lab" classes. This allows us to provide our students with great, practical martial arts instruction. It also allows our experienced students to share their prior knowledge in an environment where their experiences are appreciated. 

Because we're a private club, new members require an invitation from a current member. See our membership page for more detail. 

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