Sunday, October 25, 2020

No BS Self Defense 101 Workshop

How many times have you ever felt uneasy when walking back to your car in a poorly-lit parking lot? Or maybe you were walking or running in a secluded area and felt a twinge of fear. Maybe you've met a person who, for whatever reason, gives you the creeps?
What do all these scenarios have in common? 

All three are situations where your brain and body was warning you of danger you knew you were unprepared to handle. For the most part, we live in a safe, comfortable world. While rare, potential danger is always lurking in the shadows waiting to strike when we least expect it. 

Our NO BS Self-Defense Class gives you the knowledge and tools to use that uneasiness as an early warning system to avoid bad people and bad situations, get out of bad situations that begin to escalate, and finally, if necessary, use effective, decisive physical force to escape and to get home safely without physical, psychological, or emotional harm, no loss of property, and no legal trouble.

In this class, we learn:

  • Basic Self-Defense psychological, verbal, and physical Skills
  • How to stay safe by avoiding bad situations
  • How to stay safe by avoiding bad people
  • How to make yourself a kind of person bad people avoid
  • Legal aspects of self-defense
  • How to start becoming a complete badass

Our NO BS Self-Defense 101 class starts with a three hour high-intensity seminar where we learn the basic aspects of criminal and victim psychology, how to identify sociopaths and psychopaths (we have an estimated 1,400 living in Montrose County), habits to reduce our risk, the importance of body language, how to use your intuition to avoid danger, and so on. This seminar involves a great deal of physical activity. Participants need to...

  • Dress in active wear (avoid excessively-loose clothing),
  • Bring athletic shoes and flip flops or slides (we'll be going outside and will be barefoot indoors),
  • Bring a water bottle,
  • Bring a notebook and pen.

The class is open to all women age 16 or older. The class fee also includes a one month FREE family membership at our gym ($150 value) where participants can take Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, and mixed martial arts classes to develop and practice the skills you learn in the seminar. 

Finally, the NO BS Self-Defense 101 class ends with a one hour hands-on Q&A class four weeks after the initial class. This gives participants the opportunity to ask questions, clarify issues, trouble-shoot the self-defense tactics and strategies they've learned, etc. 

The class costs $100 + taxes and fees, and includes the three hour initial seminar, one month of training at our gym in all classes open to members, and a capstone one hour Q&A class four weeks after the initial seminar. Because we focus on individual development, we intentionally limit our classes to TWELVE members. Register via our secure partner Eventbrite by clicking the link below:


If all our current classes are full, we do maintain a waiting list. Email Jason at for more information. 

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: What makes El Diablo Combative's NO BS Self-Defense 101 Class different than other self-defense classes?

A: Our classes are based on the psychological and physical realities of aggression, violence, and criminality. Most self-defense programs seek to "empower" people, which is really just code for "fill your head with fake self-confidence that causes you to take stupid, unnecessary risks." We don't eliminate fear. We eliminate danger. 

Q: I'm not "in shape"; is this class right for me?

A: YES! Our team is composed of fitness experts with specialties not only in a wide variety of martial arts and self-defense systems, but also strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, diet and nutrition, natural running form, group fitness, sport psychology, etc. In short, we're fitness professionals who specialize in getting people off the couch and reaching whatever fitness goal they wish to achieve in a safe, effective manner. 

Q: This seems pretty intimidating. I'm not comfortable with any kind of "fighting." Is this class right for me?

A: YES! We fully understand different people have different comfort levels with martial arts. We go to great lengths to make our gym culture comfortable and accessible to anyone who's motivated to learn. We're not a bunch of meat heads who beat up newbies. Most of our instructors are also current or former teachers; we're well-versed in adapting our curriculum to diverse learners in a way that accounts for their individual strengths and weaknesses. We also routinely use the science of play to teach what we teach. Basically, we have fun. We take the subject matter far more seriously than we take ourselves.

Any questions not addressed above can be sent to Jason at